Cherubim Labs

seeks to reimagine how communities & capital come together to serve and fund causes using the power of Crypto Assets and crypto economic systems.


Cherubs DAO

Reimagining Impact Funding for Brain Wellness. The Cherubs DAO is an NFT funded and governed impact Collective with a mission to invest in accelerating solutions and research supporting Brain Wellness. Each day, new Cherub NFTs (“Cherubs”) are born and auctioned to the highest bidder. Cherub sale proceeds fund the Cherubs DAO treasury. Each Cherub has one vote on decisions about how the treasury may be used in support of the Cherubs DAO mission. The Cherubs DAO invests in Brain Wellness opportunities for investment returns and makes charitable grants to nonprofits pursuing advanced brain wellness research.

About Us

Cherubim Labs AG is a Swiss-based venture development company founded by serial software entrepreneur Brian Magierski, who is also a benefactor to causes focused on inclusion, education, and curing diseases.